IT Service Management

Our goal is to provide services that support your organizations need to reduce costs dramatically and improve efficiency. Our process engineering services finds gaps through Government approved and Technology standards, to trace your services to all your existing IT solutions.¬†We will also ensure your organization’s Standards and Compliance posture are in alignment with with audits and quality assurance:

Our Process Engineering Services include Government and Commercial customers, who are looking to ensure that their organizations are ITIL, NIST, and FISMA compliant, or looking to transform to a Service focused organization, please contact us for details to get started. Below are several life cycle stages we follow through to ensure your organization are aligned to your customers’ goals and achieving business value. We offer the following services:

  • ITSM Consulting
  • IT Service Costing
  • ITSM Assessments
  • ITIL Process Management Consulting
  • Strategic Planning and Organizational Design
  • Enterprise Project Management Systems and Services
  • ITSM Transformation and Service Design
  • ITSM Change Management